13 Times Eric Cartman Was the Best Part of South Park

13 Times Eric Cartman Was the Best Part of South Park

Praise be to his authoritah.

1. You gotta forgive me Father, it’s your job.

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2. Impossible to tell.

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3. Yeah, thanks but no thanks.

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4. Greener than I remember, but still pretty good!

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5. The American Dream in a nutshell.

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6. You gotta practice better self-talk, Kyle.

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7. Is this adjusted for inflation?

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8. Great Chatroulette and life advice.

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9. So…earthy…

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10. Licking carpets usually does the trick.

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11. Cowards.

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12. Just because we work in the mines, doesn’t mean we should be discriminated against.

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13. He’s done it before and he’ll do it again.

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