12 Regrettable Texts That Can Never be Unsent

12 Regrettable Texts That Can Never be Unsent

Sending a text can be risky business, especially if you’re typing out something a bit personal.

That’s why we suggest double checking, triple checking, and then just to be safe, completely deleting the all-too-detailed text you were going to send in the first place.

1. Sorry, I’m totally booked today with non-feet related stuff.

via Kieraran

2. PS4 for sale, comes with years of emotional baggage, free of charge.

via coreytherockstar

3. Oh, I’m really, really not.

via snowywaterbuffalo

4. It’s just you, my dude.

via Catman_The_Great

5. You lost me at “meme buddies”.

via emocoffeedrinker

6. More forgettable than charming, we’re sad to say.

via FallaciousLogician

7. Not cool, Todd.

via obdav

8. Sorry, I’m not ready for the family mini-van experience.

via teamannie19

9. Family love. 

via TheCerealKillar

10. This guy is waaaaay into politics.

via RampantInanity

11. He’s about to get balls deep in rejection.

via Eklypto__

12. Looks like you’re not going to find any buried treasure today, Jack Sparrow. 

via mbartelsm

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