12 Idiots So Stupid They Need To Be Shot Into The Sun

12 Idiots So Stupid They Need To Be Shot Into The Sun

1. I’m not sure if I trust this “Bardock Obama” guy.

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2. Some mysteries just can’t be solved.

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3. “I own an iPhone, but not one of those APPLE ones.”

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4. If you want to stay anonymous, maybe don’t use your ACTUAL NAME.

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5. Pretty neat how Jenny McCarthy is responsible for more dead kids than almost any other Playboy model.

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6. Someone tried to copy the chest tattoo on the left, but on his arm – AND STILL BROUGHT OVER THE NIPPLE.

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7. To be fair, I sometimes also forget my phone functions as a phone.

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8. Reminder: sarcasm exists.

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9. Right? How could they forget Gerhard Schröder?!

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10. I think it’s time we officially abandon the US education system entirely.

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12. “Dear Spacebloggers, can you please stop posting about space? Also please stop blogging.”

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