12 Cringey Facebook Comments That Go Beyond Inappropriate

12 Cringey Facebook Comments That Go Beyond Inappropriate

There’s a time and place for your video link to two bears waving, but it’s not on this status about someone’s uncle who was just mauled by a bear, Donna. 

These people take bad timing and spin it into a whole new beast entirely, it should be called “GODDAMMIT, NOW RIGHT NOW” timing.

Just a reminder, think before you comment something super stupid on the internet. 

1. Fucking come on, Travis. 

via Larz-

2. “Thought I’d try to lighten the mood by being a Grade A asshole.” 

via BagofSocks

3. Grandma is sexy AF. 

via Mintman10

4. What a great time to vent. 

via typhlosionn

5. Do what now?

via zachlemoore


via lamebook

7. His peen is here for you if you need support. 


Source: metapicture

8. She’ll still kick his ass if you want…


Source: facebookbeststatus

9. Well, that’s just a lot of information you decided to share. 

via ebaumsworld

10. Peter has some deep, dark desires that should stay deep in the dark. 

via weknowmemes

11. Oh, David…just shut up forever. 

via runt-of-the-web

12. Mmmm, delicious.

via Cdif

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