12 Animaniacs Moments You Won’t Find in Any Other Cartoon

12 Animaniacs Moments You Won’t Find in Any Other Cartoon

Animaniacs just recently got taken off of Netflix, so this one goes out to everyone in team Animaniacs who is starving for that sweet, sweet Yakko, Wakko, and Dot content. Stay strong and don’t forget all the things that make Animaniacs the best. Like:

1. The heavy sprinkling of meta

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2. The sage wisdom of Good Idea, Bad Idea

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3. The references to people and things you totally didn’t understand as a child

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4. Again, Good Idea, Bad Idea.

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5. Truths that speak to the child in all of us

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6. Great writing

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7. Political commentary

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8. Self-awareness

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9. Cross stitch worthy quotes

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10. Innuendo

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11. Dumb jokes

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12. And smart jokes done dumb

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