11 Memes From A**holes Who Think They’re Too Good for Pokémon GO

11 Memes From A**holes Who Think They’re Too Good for Pokémon GO

You’d think Pokémon GO would be hard to find problems with. But according to terrible Facebook memes, elitist people, and “deep” cartoonist’s commentaries, Pokémon GO is a game for children that is corrupting our minds and our society. Haters, it’s okay if the game’s not for you. Just don’t be a dick about it.

1. If only we could be as cool, and all drink beer and race cars at the same time.

via CaCtUs2003

2. Excuse me while I go outside and seek truth for a couple hours.

via violinwitch

3. The government’s just using sleep powder on us, huh?

via illusionary

4. Hey, at least he caught a Pikachu.

via shomman

5. Dang, we are both sheep and cattle of sheep?

via fuckmattdamon

6. Niantic hasn’t released him yet though.

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7. C’mon hunters. We expected this from the rest of them, but not you.

via ohmaddening

8. A man must never be caught playing.

via heimisii

9. It’s always important to capitalize “stupid”, no matter where it is in the sentence.

via cruxall

10. In the first cartoon our necks were too big. Now our necks are too small. Where the normal human necks at?

via atriz544

11. “I sigh and draw”

via maryrosenberger

Guys it really doesn’t need to be so hard. Just…

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