10 Times Idiots Got Gloriously Called Out On Their Bullshit

10 Times Idiots Got Gloriously Called Out On Their Bullshit

1. “Uh, it’s one of those MOBILE library computers…”

via lazylemur

2. The most astounding self-inflicted implosion ever witnessed on Tumblr.

via dildobaggins420

3. By “LA,” maybe they just meant “Lake Angelus, MI”?

via themightymoot

4. It’s time to admit we’ve all done more embarrassing stuff than Miley Cyrus.

via hugehotwaterheater

5. Sharing a decade-too-late Matrix meme? Check. Getting called out by mom? Double-check.

via mohandasgandhi

6. My mind IS blown (by how stupid this person is).

via vidiyan2857

7. Reminder to not judge a book by its cover (let alone burn it because of the title)

via aliensky

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8. Ah, the rare “Photoshop Filter Lion.”

via voodoogecko

9. “Uh, no, it’s from John Shutterstock’s Tattoo Parlor. It’s totally real.”

via mizuka

10. How dare a talk show host ask his guest about pre-approved topics!

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