10 People Who Got Brutally Roasted By Their Own Family

10 People Who Got Brutally Roasted By Their Own Family

Getting roasted by your own family is the harshest type of roast there is.

1. This is what you get for writing a vague status.


2. The duck face is not a good look. Nana and the rest of the world agree.


3. To be fair, couch sleeping is great.


4. Gettin’ called OUT.


5. Well this is a strange relationship.


6. When you’re friends with your parents on Facebook, it’s proooobably best not to rant about them via status update.


7. Even linked him in the reply. Damn.


8. These are the cringiest.


9. This grandma is BLUNT and to the point.


10. This blunt grandma should really meet the other blunt grandma. They could be really fun friends.


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